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About Jubilant Tamil Nadu Global Expo & Knowledge Summit 2025

The Jubilant Tamil Nadu Global Expo and Knowledge Summit 2025 is a prestigious international trade fair and business summit aimed at promoting economic growth, fostering global partnerships, and showcasing the immense potential of Tamil Nadu as an investment destination. The event is organized by the JUBILANT COIMBATORE FOUNDATION, supported by Fame TN & Startup TN in partnership with BNI Tamilnadu and with prominent industry associations and business leaders.

What Jubilant Tamil Nadu 2025 Offers?

Lead, excel, and inspire with confidence!

Thought Leadership Sessions

Deliver inspiring leadership to your team, Expand capabilities, and promote innovation - Determine your inner leader at our life-changing sessions!



Encourage innovation and inspire change - Meet phenomenal speakers who will share their expertise and knowledge.

Together, creating a brighter future.

Countries Represented by Our Delegates

Building bridges, fostering growth: Collaborate with our partner countries, unite strengths for global progress

Who Shall Attend

The Jubilant Tamil Nadu  Global Expo And Knowledge Summit 2025 Welcomes

  • Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs
  • Investors and Venture Capitalists
  • Government Officials and Policy Makers
  • Trade Associations and Chambers of Commerce
  • Startups and Innovators
  • International Delegates and Diplomats
  • Academic and Research Institutions
  • Corporates and SMEs
10000 +


50 +

Knowladge Sessions & Focused Workshops

75 +


350 +


15 +

Countries International RoadShows

20 +

Countries International Delegates

Focus of Jubilant Tamil Nadu

Textiles and Apparel

Tamil Nadu boasts a dynamic textile industry known for its high-quality yarn, fabrics, and garment manufacturing. The expo will feature the latest textiles, fashion, and sustainable practices trends.

Electronics & Hardware Manufacturing

Tamil Nadu has emerged as a significant electronics and hardware manufacturing player. The expo will demonstrate the state's capabilities in electronics production, loT devices.

Tourism and Hospitality

Tamil Nadu's rich cultural heritage and diverse tourist destinations will be highlighted in the expo, focusing on tourism infrastructure, hospitality services, and heritage preservation.

Information Technology & Software Services

With a thriving IT ecosystem, Tamil Nadu is home to numerous IT companies and startups. The expo will highlight the state's IT infrastructure, software development, and artificial intelligence.

Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

Tamil Nadu has a robust healthcare sector comprising hospitals, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies. The expo will emphasize advancements in medical technology, healthcare services, and pharmaceutical research.

Automotive and Transportation

Tamil Nadu is a leading automotive hub in India, with a strong presence of automobile manufacturers. The expo will showcase the state's prowess in automotive production, electric mobility solutions, and advanced R&D capabilities.

Chemicals and Petrochemicals

Tamil Nadu houses a significant chemical and petrochemical industry. The expo will showcase advancements in chemical manufacturing, petrochemical products, and green chemistry practices.

Food Processing and Agribusiness

The state is known for its agricultural diversity and food processing units. The expo will showcase innovations in food processing, agri-tech solutions, and sustainable agriculture practices.

Renewable Energy & Clean Technologies

The state is committed to sustainable development and renewable energy adoption. The expo will showcase Tamil Nadu's achievements in solar and wind energy, energy storage, and green technologies.