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Textiles & Apparel


  • Tamil Nadu boasts a dynamic textile industry known for its high-quality yarn, fabrics, and garment manufacturing. The expo will feature the latest textiles, fashion, and sustainable practices trends.


Electronics And Hardware Manufacturing

  • Tamil Nadu has emerged as a significant player in electronics and hardware manufacturing. The expo will demonstrate the state's capabilities in electronics production, IoT devices, and semiconductor manufacturing.


Tourism And Hospitality

  • Tamil Nadu's rich cultural heritage and diverse tourist destinations will be highlighted in the expo, focusing on tourism infrastructure, hospitality services, and heritage preservation. Agro Products & Food Processing


Agro Products & Food Processing

  • The rich black soil of the region has contributed to Tamilnadu's flourishing agriculture industry, and it is, in fact, the successful growth of cotton that served as a foundation for the establishment of its famous textile industry. Paddy, Jowar, Maize, Bengal gram, Green gram, Red gram, Black gram, Green gram, Horse gram, Chilli, Sugarcane, Turmeric, Vegetables, Onion, Coconut, Banana, Mango, Curry Leaves, Areca nut are the main crops.
  • Among the crops area-wise, coconut dominated the remaining crops in the Tamilnadu district; its area is estimated at 0.85 lakh hectares.
  • Teak, Tea, Coffee, Cardamom, Casuarina, Cashewnut, Eucalyptus, Pepper, and Cotton are other major crops. It is 2nd largest in poultry and 3rd in the production of tea and coffee.
  • Tamil Nadu is one of the leading producers of bananas, flowers, tapioca, mango, coconut, groundnut, coffee, tea & sugarcane.
  • Tamil Nadu is India's second-largest producer of poultry and dairy products and the country's third-largest producer of tea and coffee.
  • The state is among the country's leading producers of horticultural crops and fruits.
  • A sum of Rs 10,550.85 crore (US$ 1.50 billion) has been provided in the Budget estimates for 2019-20 for the agriculture sector, which includes Rs 300 crore (US$ 42.92 million) under the National Agriculture Development Programme and Rs 87.22 crore (US$ 12.47 million) for National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture.


Information Technology And Software Services

  • With a thriving IT ecosystem, Tamil Nadu is home to numerous IT companies and startups. The expo will highlight the state's IT infrastructure, software development, artificial intelligence, and data analytics prowess.

Gems & Jewellery

  • Tamilnadu is one of the significant gold jewelry manufacturing hubs in India. The city has about 3000 jewelry manufacturing companies and over 40,000 goldsmiths. Several jewelry retail chains are based in Tamilnadu or have a manufacturing base in Tamilnadu. The city is home to several companies manufacturing jewelry-making machinery. The city is also a significant diamond-cutting and polishing center in South India.
  • Owing to many jewelry manufacturers and a solid engineering base, the city is home to many companies manufacturing jewelry-making machinery. The city is also a major diamond-cutting center in South India. The jewelry manufacturers have an active association called Tamilnadu Jewellery Manufacturers' Association and have also jointly established Tamilnadu Gem and Jewellery Industries Private Limited (COJEWEL), which is a shared facility with niche goldsmith machinery to be used by the members of the association.


Food Processing And Agribusiness

  • The state is known for its agricultural diversity and food processing units. The expo will showcase innovations in food processing, agri-tech solutions, and sustainable agriculture practices.


Infrastructure And Construction

  • The expo will feature Tamil Nadu's infrastructure projects, innovative city initiatives, and modern construction technologies.


Education And Skill Development

  • Tamil Nadu's education system and skill development initiatives will be showcased, emphasizing the state's efforts in nurturing talent and fostering a skilled workforce.


Automotive Engineering & Components

  • Tamil Nadu is a leading automotive hub in India, with a strong presence of automobile manufacturers and ancillary industries. The expo will showcase the state's prowess in automotive production, electric mobility solutions, and advanced R&D capabilities.


Aerospace & Defense

  • Tamil Nadu is steadily becoming a hub for aerospace and defense industries. The expo will exhibit the state's strengths in aerospace engineering, defense equipment manufacturing, and aviation services.


Renewable Energy And Clean Technologies 

  • The state is committed to sustainable development and renewable energy adoption. The expo will showcase Tamil Nadu's achievements in solar and wind energy, energy storage, and green technologies.


Healthcare And Pharmaceuticals

  • Tamil Nadu has a robust healthcare sector comprising hospitals, research institutions, and pharmaceutical companies. The expo will emphasize advancements in medical technology, healthcare services, and pharmaceutical research.


Chemicals And Petrochemicals


  • Tamil Nadu houses a significant chemical and petrochemical industry. The expo will showcase advancements in chemical manufacturing, petrochemical products, and green chemistry practices.
  • Join us at the Jubilant Tamil Nadu Global Expo And Summit 2025 to explore these vibrant sectors, network with industry leaders, and witness the future of Tamil Nadu's economic growth.